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A bit to sum things up for how she is currently

{Western dragons traditionally have 3 sets of limbs, back legs that resemble that of a cat, front legs that are almost human arm like and wings that protrude from the shoulder blade with almost bat like structure. The head is almost a combination of reptile and horse with the horns ( horns and eyes can say a lot about the affiliation of a western dragon watch out for spiral horn's it tends to mean you have an evil dragon on your hands) and and eyes that contract to slits in bright light and when angry.}

{Eastern dragons are portrayed as wise, gentle creatures who are very helpful and nice, unlike the mindless cruel Western brutes. They usually do not have wings of any sort, but can still fly. They are very long and snake-like, while a Western dragon is more like a lizard sort of creature. They also have multiple legs, much more than 4. Some Eastern dragons also are drawn encircling a pearl, or having a pearl in its mouth. Finally, Eastern dragons usually have a feathery or furry "mane", and are usually bright shades of green, red, orange, yellow, blue, and others, compared to the Western dragons dark greens, grays, blacks, and reds.}

Name: Liza
Title: Drago
Called: Dragoliza
Species: Western/Eastern Dragon hybrid
Gender: Female
Age: Apparently 19 or 20
Height: 8 foot
Weight: 375 lb
Mane: Strawberry blonde and just behind the crown and goes down to the base of the tail.
Eyes: Blue globe eyes. Generally there is no pupil and is cracked ice blue. When angered, slitted black pupils show
Tail: Long with ridges and a strawberry blonde tuft on the end
Body: Crimson red scales with the same color of fur growing out of the scales. Belly, privates, underside of tail, inner legs, bottoms of feet, and skin between wings bones is hot pink fine scales that are almost skin like. Fairly muscular to support body.
Breasts: Approximately a D which is a normal size for her body
Horns: 6 Golden horns. 3 on each side of the mane
Claws: Gold claws that are highly dense and sharp. 5 on each hand, 4 on each foot, 1 on each heel, and 1 on each wing.
Wings: Located on back coming from the shoulders. Crimson red scaled with fur wing bones. Skin between the bones is hot pink.
Feet paws: 4 clawed toes with a claw on the heel. Long feet with hot pink bottoms and she stands on the fronts of the with the heels off the ground.
Similar to the link except the claw on the heel, not the foot… (permission given to me by artist to use this as an example.)
Tongue: Extremely long forked tongue, purple
Personality: Chaotic Good. She appears evil by many features such as her horns but once you look in her eyes, you see she is truly gentle unless angered. She tends to be mostly feminine but isn't afraid to let out her boy side and get down and dirty. She tends to have a short fuse and loses her temper easily. For the most part, she's sweet and a bit innocent in many ways. She is not very interested in sex at all for reasons of her own. She is highly intelligent as well.
Orientation: Homoromantic Asexual

Pictures will be added as they become available

Part One - Arrival

I was just like any other girl for the most part, or so I appeared. I was a short girl, and I don't just mean because I was 12, I mean for a 12 year old too. I've always been a few inches (at least) short for my age. I had bland, ash blonde hair that I just let grow, not really any style and straight as a board no matter how much I tried to curl it. Blue eyes that were my only really striking feature. They looked like cracked ice. A shocking blue with lighter crack lines. I was pale and chalky so I burned really easily which I hated because I love the outdoors.
Despite appearing normal and being shy, I alway got bullied and picked on for as long as I can remember, even at home. My older brother hated me for some reason I still don't understand and thought it fun to beat the hell out of me every chance he got. I was called horrible names over mean lies like LICA! Said as lice-uh. Funny play on the name Liza, huh? Funny to the other kids at least all because I caught lice once from the girl I was sharing a locker with. They also said I never brushed my hair cuz it was so fine. It would just float about however it pleased and not obey my brush or even hairspray.
Liza was such a horrible name to be given I always thought. So close to LIZARD. Just add the "RD". Lizards seemed so gross, scary and creepy. I thought all reptiles did with the scales, forked tongues, huge fangs, POISON, and the slitted or big eyes. I didn't even want to think of being near one. They freaked me out BIG TIME.
After a long day of bullying at school, I was so relieved to finally be getting on the bus to head home, but of course, the people on it hated me too. Even had high schoolers picking on little 7th grade me that was shorter than the elementary kids. My brother pushed me off the bus once we were to the stop and I scraped my palms and knees in the gravel. Fighting hard not to cry I got up with as much dignity as I could and started walking home. My brother ran ahead, daring me to try to catch him so, I decided to run too, ignoring my asthma. I just wanted to be in my room, staring out the window into the dense forest.
Before I was even half way home, I was coughing and hacking. I hurried as best I could to the house to get my inhaler and took the usual 2 puffs and flopped on the couch in the living room, my mother snoring away in the bedroom, my dad at work, and my brother taking over the computer and TV as usual.
"Hey, can I change the channel? You're not really watching it." I said as I picked up the remote and looked at my brother who was facing away from the tv and playing a game on the computer.
"No, I like this show." Coby said.
"But you're not even watching it, I wanna watch Charmed." I replied, admittedly whining a bit.
"I'm listening to it asswipe so put down the damn remote."
"Fine jerk off." I said and plopped the remote on the table.
"What the fuck did you just call me?" Coby said as he paused his game and stood up, heading towards me looking particularly pissed off.
"Nothing, just leave me alone, I'm going to my room." and I got up and turned around to walk past our parents bedroom to go to mine and I felt a sharp pain thud through my skull and went tunneling to the ground.
As usual when I made him mad, he waited till I wasn't looking and punched me in the back of the head. I screamed for our mother to no avail as he pinned me down and started punching me over and over. I kept screaming and screaming till I couldn't anymore and our mother finally came out of the bedroom and Coby stopped.
"Liza! What did you say to him now!?" She screamed as I tried to get up off the floor, sobbing.
"I called him a jerk off cuz he called me an asswipe! I wanted to watch TV and he was on the computer!" I yelled at her, angry at the accusations.
My mother smacked me in the mouth, "Don't you use that kind of language! Go to your room!"
"GOOD! THAT'S WHAT I WANT ANYWAYS!" I yelled and slammed the door.
As usual when upset, the first thing I did was sit down in the corner in front of my door so no one could come in and cried. Finally, I opened my window and jumped the story and a half and went running off through the woods as fast and far as I could.
I always ran better when jumping and dodging things. It seemed that I could run faster and longer in the forest. I just ran and ran to get as far away as I could. I couldn't take it anymore. The constant torture from everyone around. The only person that ever treated me worth a damn was my dad but he was never around. He moved trucks for a living so he was hardly ever home.
Finally I ran out of breath and sat down coughing against a tree. Eventually I was down to a dull wheeze and started to walk and realized I had no idea where I was. I kept breathing slowly and walking, thinking eventually I had to wander out of the woods. Truth was, those woods were the entire smoky mountains.
I wandered for hours before I finally found a spring and kneeled down beside it to get a drink. Mid drink I saw a huge lizard go behind a rock and jumped back almost hitting my head on a tree. With a squeal I turned and saw a snake and ran up stream. Once the reality of the woods kicked in, I started noticing all of the creatures. I saw raccoons and almost stopped till I saw an opossum by it, eyes glowing scary. As soon as I saw that I hurried into the cave and was swallowed in pitch black.
I dug my lighter out of my pocket that I always kept as a just incase and struck it up. Looking around I realized there was only rock behind me now.
"Huh, I must of ran in farther than I thought. How do I get out of here?" I thought out loud to break the silence.
I started walking away from that wall just as I saw something shimmering on the floor of the cave and bent down to pick it up. It was a smooth rock like thing that appeared to be a crimson red. The other side was fuzzy but I assumed it was mold. Just as I was thinking that the flame of the lighter could be making it look red, it finally made my thumb too hot and I dropped the lighter.
I leaned forward to look for it and suddenly the moldy rock thing in my hand began to glow a vivid red. I dropped it and saw another stone beside it that was hot pink and it was beginning to glow as the red one got brighter. I picked them up, deciding to bring them home and proceeded forward. The pink stone was a bit bendy, which didn't make much sense to me at the time.
A few minutes in of examining the flat rocks that were as smooth as grass I realized they looked a lot like scales like on a fish, snake, or lizard and got a little creeped out at the fact I was holding them. Then I saw a few spikes of something yellowish on the ground ahead and tried to pick them up. They were really heavy and I realized they must be solid gold and got really excited.
"I bring something this valuable home and they'll have to treat me fair! We'll be rich!!!" I exclaimed as I heaved to pick them up and noticed they were like really sharp cones. Like how unicorn horns are drawn.
I had loved unicorns for a long time, I guess it comes from my scotch-irish heritage. My grandmother even got me fuzzy posters to color of them and knickknacks. I always wished they could be real. After smiling at the thoughts of my grandmother, I looked around to see what else I could find and discovered there were little gold shards all over, that were curved and sharp looking. They looked like claws even.
I gathered them up and before I could move forward, I noticed that I was beginning to tingle all over so I sat down my gatherings, thinking it was just too heavy.
Oddly though, the glowing red scale wouldn't come off my hand, like it had just gotten sticky. The fuzzy side was up and I realized it was fur, not mold. I kept pulling and it began to hurt, like when picking at a scab. Then, there was another beside it and I began to panic. The horns and claws came flying at me and I put up my hands to guard my face and the claw things clung to my fingers so I pulled down my arms and tried to shake them off, as more crimson scales formed faster and faster up my arms. I curled up to try to guard my face and chest then the horns struck all around the outer part of the back of my head points out lucky for me, but they stayed there and seemed to root in and I began to scream as my whole body itched and burned, my jaw felt like it was being pulled in every direction and the pink scales were clinging to my stomach, burning through my shirt.
My shoes had been torn to shreds and the claws were digging into my toes as the ones on my fingers buried in. My shoulders felt like they were being ripped open by something pushing its way out. My screams seemed to begin sounding more like that of the roar of a lion or something. My lower back and butt started feeling just like my shoulders. Finally I lost consciousness from the shear amount of pain.
I woke up and most of the pain had subsided. I looked around and it was like the cave was brighter somehow but no light I could find. My clothing was in shreds on the floor except my bra, and now torn underwear. I took a step forward and realized the ground felt smooth and I was moving oddly, like there was excess weight now on my back. I fell back but realized something hurt. It wasn't my bottom like it should be and I clenched my hands and realized my fingers were too long. No, they were the right length but something sharp was on the tip of each. I shook it off and reached back and felt something furry coming off my bottom that had scales of something under the fur and something was moving behind me as I moved each arm.
I began to panic again and was breathing fast and hard but no coughing. Odd. There was new muscles I could control on my lower body so I tried it out and the tail swung.
"Oh my god." I said out loud in shock, "I have a tail" blandly said then a pause then filled with excitement, "I HAVE A FREAKING TAIL! YES YES YES!!!!"
I jumped up with excitement and flexed muscles I hadn't ever used... Because I never had them. I kept using them and was staying in the air and looked over my shoulder and saw my fur covered shoulder and my wings flapping away. The place where the working bones were was coated in crimson red fur and hot pink skin between them. There was also another golden claw at the bend of each wing on top, I'm guessing for defense.
I let myself settle on the ground and smiled at my fur covered hand and saw my hot pink palms. My hands were a bit more rigid looking, like I could really hold my own and my arms were muscular a bit. I noticed I even had golden claws rather than nails and my fingers were a little broader and shorter.
I looked down, "I HAVE BOOBS!" I exclaimed and bounced a little to see them jiggle. They weren't big but they were there and I loved how it looked.
"Could be bigger but I'm not that old. Older girls have bigger boobs usually."
Then I realized I was looking down a muzzle and felt all over my face. I had a bit of a muzzle, with huge sharp teeth and nose holes. I stuck my tongue out and at first it fell to my chin and I was shocked. I flipped it up and saw it was forked then stretched it down, careful to avoid the teeth and licked lower ribs at full length.
I felt up and no longer had eyebrows but above where they were, was the beginning of lumps at what was my hairline leading to six horns that pointed back. My hair was now like a mane that started at the top of my muzzle, between my eyes. I twisted my head around and saw it was redder, a more strawberry blonde now. It also went down my entire spine and stopped at the base of my tail. There were golden ridges going down the top of my tail, which was pink on the underside leading to a tuft at the end, like that of a lion.
"I guess it's the scotch irish showing" I laughed a little.
Next I stretched out a leg that was now quite shapely and muscular, it looked like a could run forever and noticed my feet looked completely different. My toes were a little longer and thicker and I was standing on the front pads of my feet and they were much longer. I only had 4 toes that were clawed and a claw on my heel. The bottoms of my feet were that dense hot pink skin too, just like my inner thighs and the backs of my calves. My legs other than that appeared fairly normal other than the scales, fur, and muscle.
I felt around a bit and from my collar bone, down over my breasts, covering my belly and privates was skin like and was the same hot bright pink as my palms, feet, inner legs, and the skin between my rings. That's when I realized how very exposed I was and would have blushed if it would have shown.
"I... I'm a d-dragon. But I hate lizards! They're creepy! I must be hallucinating. I gotta get outta this cave."
I started to walk forward then took a deep breath, filling my lungs. It didn't hurt! I let out the breath and it was really warm. I decided to give it a shot and I roared and it was loud and ferocious.
"I wonder..." I took another deep breath and felt glands fill in my throat that weren't there before. I tensed my throat and roared again and flames shot out like a flamethrower and it didn't burn me.
I proceeded to try to walk and it was a little difficult at first and I had to lean forward a bit to keep my balance but I was getting the hang of it. I folded up my wings as best I could and that balanced me out enough to stand upright.
"I thought dragons walked on all fours? Oh well, I'm not a dog." I laughed a little and started to pick up my pace. Before long I was running and saw a light then burst out onto a gravel path.
Ahead I saw a huge village, not a town, a village. Void of lights or anything except some torches. I slowed down to a creeping pace and starting circling the village of wooden houses, mostly cabin style. There were even some huts. Inside was some creatures that were human-like walking around so I took a deep breath, hoped for the best, stood up tall and proud... Tall?
I was tall! I could feel it. I had to of grown at least a foot it felt like! I shook that off and walked as proudly as I could into the village, trying my hardest not to cover myself up and cry over my clothes being completely gone, stuck walking into the unknown in my torn up underwear. My bra was digging in, and my panties were practically a thong now. I really needed some new clothes.
I decided it best to go in how I was shown it as to not scare anyone by creeping up behind their house. There was someone in the shadows so I walked up real slow and they stood up out of them and I was so shocked that I admit I stumbled back.
Before me stood a man that wasn't entirely a man. Before we get into that though, I'll tell you that he was clothed so that helped. He was in a black leather vest with nothing underneath cuz it wasn't needed. His chest was covered as is. His pants were a soft looking cloth and came all the way down to his... hooves? Yes, indeed. His shoes were horseshoes. His head was that of a horse but with a proud horn that was spiraled and stood straight out. He was taller than me which was disappointing with the fact that I was loving my new height.
His fur was an off white, almost tan color and the horn was bronze. His mane was black and his eyes, more human than I would have guessed, were hazel. A swimming mix of brown, green, grey, gold, and blue. His ears were atop his head, like a horses would be.
At that I realized I hadn't felt ears when feeling around my head and pulled my hand up to check and my claw caught on a groove between scales and I heard a loud scrape and it hurt. Well, ears found.
So there I stood, before a male unicorn and I was a dragon but not in the story sense. I was still a bit of a human and so was he.

Part 2 - Explanation

He walked up to me and I was frozen in shock. He simply wrapped a blanket around me, tucking it under my wings so it could easily go back over my shoulders from there and wrap around me.
"I'm Tomo. I believe your name is Liza?" I nodded, "Well you have entered a new life so you can change it if you would like. You have some time to decide so no pressure."
His voice was deep and wise, like that of an old wise man and it sounded fearless. I realize I rudely hadn't answered and looked down at myself. "No, it's strangely befitting now."
He laughed a bit and it sounded like a neigh which made me laugh a little and realized it sounded fairly guttural.
"Let me explain some things to you as we walk, follow me." He started walking forward on his 2 legs as natural as could be into a cabin near us.
"I am the elder of this village with one of the entrances to our world. I am a bit of a precog and see when someone is coming, what they will be, and who they are. This is a world quite similar to your own except evolution worked better here. Primates were not the only ones to evolve so successfully." He said as he pulled out a chair and gestured for me to sit down and opened a refrigerator.
"As you can see, we are not as dependant on electronics here as in your home world. Yes, they are available but why waste the planet's energy on things you don't need? Why have street lights when we can use torches? We do have power and indoor plumbing though." He said as he got out a gallon of what looked like tea and poured it into a glass he had gotten out of the cabinet. It was a simple metal cup with a handle. He worked quite well for having hoof-like hands. The pitchers handles seemed to accommodate it and he carried the cup with both hands.
He sat the cup in front of me and I began to drink quickly, now discovering how parched I truly was. "All animals evolved. We all got the perks of humanoid bodies and intelligence."
I chimed in at that break to interrupt, "But dragons and unicorns aren't even real there. They're just from stories." He laughed again and opened a door.
"No, they used to. They were just killed off and went extinct. Much like the dinosaurs. In fact, you as a dragon you are close to a dinosaur."
I spoke up again, "But don't dragons eat meat? I could never kill an intelligent," I paused unsure what to call them, "creature?"
"Not all animals here evolved. There are still wild animals but you must be extremely careful if you decide to hunt and there are designated areas for it and rules. This is to avoid anthropomorphic animals from being harmed. I know you will ask so I will tell you now, anthropomorphic means a non human object or creature that has human characteristic. It's a harsh way to put it here but that is what it is called there. We prefer to call ourselves Evolves. There are some Evolves that still like to get out and graze with the normal Animals that's why we have to be so careful when it comes to hunting. Go wash up then I'll tell you how you got here."
He pointed to the bathroom. "I'll get you some clothes while you're in the shower or tub if you prefer."
"Shower will do, thank you." I said and walked past him and shut the door.
Once I was in there and relaxed a little I took the blanket off and started the shower, nice and warm. I gladly peeled off my remaining bra and panties, more than happy to not have them digging in and really examined my face. My eyes were about the same coloring which made me happy. Maybe even more vibrant. Except one thing, my pupils. I was calm and there was a thin, very fine black slit through the center from top to bottom that you could only see if you were looking for it. It seemed I had no pupil. I tested something by blowing out the torch and then slits expanded. I filled my glands a little again and re-lit the torch and my pupils thinned again.
After a bit of giggling I moved on to check out my muzzle which thankfully wasn't huge. My tongue was purple and my face was crimson red. The horns were a glistening gold and my hair was beautiful. I felt like some kind of young goddess which actually made me tearfully happy and a huge tear streaked its way down my face. My fur was extremely soft and smooth.
Once I was done with my self obsession, I got in the hot shower and scrubbed clean, using up most of the shampoo in the process. When I got out I noticed a couple of white puffy towels hanging on the rod, and a bundle of clothes on the sink with a brush sitting on top and some toothpaste with a sturdy looking brush. I smirked a bit, "No wonder dragon have such scary, glistening teeth. Plaque isn't exactly terrifying." and dried off.
I ran the brush through my hair "Well, dragons are supposed to be fireproof so," I said as I filled the gland again and spit a bit of fire out and waited, expecting a sizzled bunch of hair and a foul smell but nothing. My hair was perfectly intact.
After enjoying that realization, I started brushing all of the fur on my body which it went through and smoothed out nicely then looked at my new garments. There was simple white panties that dipped in the back, for my tail I assumed. I pulled them on then unfolded the light blue clothing. It was a simple dress that was backless and had a whole in the back, for my tail I guessed. I stepped into it, being as careful as I could not to tear it, but even when a claw caught the smooth material, it didn't tear. After it was on, I examined myself in it and realized it was a tad short but it would do.
"Ohh! My eyes pop so much! This must be silk, it doesn't tear easily. It's so comfy." I thought to myself then brushed my fur again to smooth it back down.
"Enjoying it? I got you some fresh meat from the market so hurry out as soon as you're done" Tomo called from outside the bathroom.
"OKAY!" I called and opened the door and Tomo was sitting, munching on an apple, trying hard not to look at the hunk of meat on the table.
"Ah, stunning. I thought you would pull that color off well. Have a seat." So I did and realized how hungry I was. I buried my face into the meat and ripped out a chunk, chewed it a bit then tilted my head back and let it slide down my throat.
I wiped my mouth and saw blood on my napkin and dropped it and jumped back and stuck my tongue out, rubbing at it. "Oh god! I just ate raw meat. EWW!"
He laughed at me again, "Well I was going to offer to cook it for you but many carnivores love raw meat as well so I thought I would give you the option." Tomo took the plate and carried it over to the stove.
He motioned me over and asked me to blow some fire into the oven beneath to save some time and I did, only slightly scorching the edges of the cast iron stove. He put the meat in a frying pan and began cooking it.
"Very good, you have a knack for aiming your flame already. You may be wondering where that flame comes from." He paused and looked at me and I nodded. "Well, I'm sure you felt the pouches in your throat. Your body produces a chemical that goes into that gland that you can shoot out. As soon as it has contact with oxygen, it explosively ignites, thus creating your fire breath. You also need to stay well hydrated in order for your body to have enough fluid to create the chemical. Therefore, being in water where you can drink it, and absorb it through your skin is very helpful. Just like being a in hot environment makes it more explosive so it takes less of the chemical to make a HUGE flame. You also have probably noticed that you can't catch fire. That's to prevent you from accidentally igniting yourself. It a sort of coating on you that doesn't wash off easily." He said as he seasoned the meat.
"Wow, that's pretty awesome! Hey, do I happen to not have to go to school or anything anymore?" I asked hopefully.
"No such luck. You still need an education to get ahead in the world today. What did you want to make of yourself in the other world?" Tomo responded as he finished my meat and sat it in front of me.
I took another semi chewed bite and swallowed it whole. "Well, I actually wanted to be an ethologist. You know, studying animal behavior. Kind of like a psychiatrist but for animals. I wanted to work in a zoo." Then I continued eating.
"Well here that wouldn't be too useful. See, we can communicate with our animal counterparts. You could be a regular psychiatrist though. No worries though, you have years to decide that. Tomorrow we'll go out and get you enrolled in school. For now, you need rest." He said as he gestured to an open bedroom door. "Finish eating then get some sleep. There's your whole life to talk and learn about us."
"Well wait, how did I get here?" I asked grouchily between bites.
"Oh, of course, I almost forgot. Every once in awhile, certain humans are brought over to our world if they are deserving. You have a big life ahead of you. I don't know what yet but we'll find out. No one really knows what the force is that causes this but in your world, you'll be found dead. Since you came out of the cave, the cave you were in is where your body will be found. Probably death by head injury or something of the sort."
"Wait, my family will think I'm dead?" I asked.
"Question after question," he laughed, "yes unfortunately, we can't risk them finding a way into our world and destroying it as they have their own. I'm going to sleep now as should you. Blow out the torch please as not to waste oil on your way to bed." Tomo told me.

"So, I did as he said and went to bed." Dragoliza said. "That is the story of how I came to be what I am today."
"Aww! Tell us more! Tell us some of your real adventures!" Cried out the group of children to the wise elder dragon.
She laughed gutturally, almost roaring, "Some other time young ones, some other time."

For now
The back story and description for Dragoliza
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